Well i have been playing for a couple years but very "on and off" but in the past month i have been playing at least an hour everyday and i can see my progress definetly develop. Most of the time i just love jamming through stuff like Nirvana songs and some punk stuff and i have come across a frustrating issue.

The problem is that for example take the song territorial pissings which is basically 3 power chords,which lay on the 3 lowest strings. I like to play the song real fast with a sweeping method but when i come to the power chords that are on the D and A string i end up jamming the E string and in result is an awkward buzz or strain.

I can play the song with downward picking without hitting the E string but when i watch videos of giutarists jamming on lower strings I wonder how do they do not hit the strings that are not supposed to be hit.

Thanks in advance.
On a power chord with the A and D string, i just use my index finger to fret the note and bar the strings below it to mute them. I use the middle finger to deaden the E string, and the ring finger to finger the D string.
practice, i use my middle finger to mute the bottom e string, and and use the remaining three fingers to play the power chord.
mute the sixth string or 5th string with the end of your index finger on your fretting hand if you don't want them to sound.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Coincidentally i was very frustrated with this issue yesterday and i was actually trying to mute the E string with the end of my index finger. It didnt feel comfortable and i thought that there has to be some other way,but most of your answers have been what i tried so thanks very much! I will be practicing this technique more often.
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I use my index finger to mute the E
Right hand palm muting will be better.
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I use my index finger to mute the E


rest ur index finger on the low e but not too much as to press it down...just enough to mute it
Mute the strings you're not playing and try not to hit them.

By the way, Territorial Pissings is barre chords, not power chords.

Edit: Actually, the A and D might be open instead of barred.
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+1 to the thumb. A lot of technique enthusiasts will frown on you, but chances are they won't like the music you'd be playing anyhow.

Also, resting the side of your fretting hand on the low E (and A if you need that muted too) works, but it's not the most ergonomic way of doing things and it will hamper your speed a bit.
play from the wrist and practice alot. you get more precise control over your hand motions if you're not playing chords from the elbow (in fact once you get used to it, playing from the wrist you'll realize you have to move your wrist alot farther to hit 4 strings than you would 3)