How much would this guitar probly cost if I had my local luthier make it.

Body would be alder with solid color paint either red, yellow, white, seafoam green, or black have not decided on color yet

it would have one seymour duncan JB pcikup in the bridge

one volume nob

non-reccesed Floyd Rose tremelo

maple neck would be neckthrough or bolt on not a big prefrence between the two

reversed bannana or jackson headstock with grover tuners

also have the little things like strap locks and body cavity covers

also if there is anything I left out plz ask about it.

I am not going to the local luthier to ask becouse he lives a couple hours away and I thought I would ask you guys first before I go in to see if I could come close to afordeing it.

So plz for the people who have a custom made guitar tell me how much it would be.
My cousin has a few custom made guitars. I remember at least one being neck thru with a floyd rose, but it had 2 pick-ups. He said it was a couple grand, maybe like $2500. It was a beautiful guitar. Any custom guitar would cost a lot, but it also depends on the luthier. But just stome advice, maybe getting a bolt-on would cut the cost a little?
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ya I was looking at spending around 2 grand but I just went for a esp quote and they said 5 grand so I was hopeing a local luthier would be less
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Try calling or e-mailing whoever you're considering getting it done from. His ballpark estimate for his own work would be much more accurate than someone on here's ballpark estimate. Although >$2000 sounds reasonable for a quality instrument.