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Simple. What is the riff in your favorite metal/punk/rock/ or whatever style that makes you shocked.
Mine is probably eternal rest by avenged sevenfold. That sounds so cool.
The main riff after the intro squeals in "Revolution Is My Name" by Pantera.
The first time I heard that, it was like someone jumped out of my speakers and punched me square in the nutsack.

EDIT--I forgot about the intro/main riff to "Electric Funeral".
Possibly my fav. Sabbath riff.
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metallica - seek and destroy - hands down - about 5 cool riffs in there kill anything by a7x anyday
John Butler Trio - Treat yo moma



They get my vote for now.
Stockholm Syndrome - Muse ftw
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The one in the bridge of Burned Alive, by Evile. It's such a kickass riff, I wish it was there though more of the song.

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The Oppressed Will Rise - Mors Principium Est
Blinded No More - Sonata Arctica (the one at around 2:20)
A Winter's Dream - Symphony X
13th Scroll - Buckethead
One More Magic Potion - Ensiferum
Seven Nation Army or Blue Orchid.

I've been listening to White Stripes a lot more than usual, lately
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Although I'm not too big a fan of Muse anymore, Stockholm Syndrome is definitely a cool riff.

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Intro to Divine Suicide of K. by Protest the Hero... awesome
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The Tragically Hip - Fireworks
The Tragically Hip - New Orleans is sinking.

Some of my favorite riffs. ever.
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I love the heavy riff in the beginning of Lateralus by Tool. All of their riffs are actually some of the coolest riffs I've ever heard.
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
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I'm really into writing complicated jazz/funk style riffs. But stranglehold By Ted Nugent just gets me everytime. ****ing love that opening riff.
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Panama- VH. especially the one part right before the singing comes in.

also, pawn shop -sublime
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