right ive decided on gettin an epiphone les paul

wat pick-ups would be better for blink 182, green day and good charlotte? burstbuckers, seymour duncan jb(bridge) or the epiphone stock pick-ups?

i use a marshall valvestate (65w) and no effects pedals

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Im gonna say the stock ones cause they're good for anything, plus the jb is quite metally.
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Perhaps you should think about pickups AFTER you've gotten the guitar and have tried out the stock pups.
Pickups don't really matter for your tone unless you have a really good amp.


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Since those bands don't have any lead parts stock pickups should be fine.

You should check out Agile guitars.
They make a better Les Paul than Epiphone but I do like Epiphone hollow bodys.
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Stay with the stock... if you are absolutely content on replacing the pickups check out some Gibson Dirty Fingers.
Stocks. But don't get an LP.
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