i was intertested in buying this amp from my guitarcenter
it is used for 275 bucks
i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice
on how the amp sounds
i need a amp with good deep cleans
and maybe some occational distortion
heres the kinda stuff i play
the bands i like to play like
sigur ros and explosions in the sky
i do play with my violin bow
and a lot of reverb
i was wondering if this amp is loud enough to gig with also
if not this amp
is there others you can recommend for this price?
thank you very much!
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You might manage gigging, the general concensus on here is the amp sounds pretty good. Check out the Roland Cube series
I have the Ad30VT, and if I look to what kind of music you play you`ll get enough good settings. It has around 4/5 clean settings and you can also get some distortion. A song like karma (Wich I btw like very much) will work. According my teacher mine 30 watt is enough to fill up a café. So your 50 Watt will work I think. But try and see for yourself.
Its good, but i wouldnt get it if u want great cleans. Go with a Fender Super Champ XD. Its a full-tube Fender amp, which means a great clean sound. It also has good OD, being a tube amp. With a Holy Grail reverb pedal, i think youll get a good sound.
ive heard very good things about this amp....i want the vox ad50vt XL, which is even better...and so good for the money
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ive heard very good things about this amp....i want the vox ad50vt XL, which is even better...and so good for the money

It isn't better, it's worse. Get a Roland Cube if you want to play metal
Figured I'd bump this instead of starting a new one.. I have the chance to pick up an AD50VT used for 225$- the same price in store as a roland cube30x.

Now, i play mainly everything and anything, But i guess you could say i play bands like Seether, Green day, Rise against etc the most. I'm concerned that A) The vox will be "too much" as I only play for fun at home, and B) Its used vs. new.

Any help is appreciated!
Cleans sound pretty well on it. I play a lot of cleans so I know what I'm talking about. It should be loud enough to gig with...think 100-300 people type of thing.
Thought this was discontinued.... i was looking at start of this year and couldnt seem to get one?

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Go with a tube amp,
Just don't bother with solid state.
Epiphone Blues Custom or if your willing to spend some extra dough go with the AC30.
30 watts of tube power will destroy a 50watt SS amp.
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