I did use the search bar, but nothing I found was really that relevant to what I'd like to know.

So from I gather I need the following-

Power Amp
Maybe a conditioner? Not sure about that one.

And as I'm planning on running it through a Head, am I right in thinking I won't need a preamp?

So I'm guessing the chain will go like this (this is pretty much all guesswork by the way)

Guitar---> FX ---> Rackmount gear---> Power Amp ---> Head ---> Cab

Please correct me if I'm wrong (which I most likely am).

Its much appreciated if some of you guys could help clear this up for me (and maybe dumb it down a tad, haha).

You're incorrect. If you're running it through a head, you will not need the power amp, only the preamp. The poweramp would be like plugging an amp into another amp, I wouldn't recommend it

You could just get the preamp and poweramp though and use that as your amp, you wouldn't need the head. That would most likely produce a better sound as the power amp is more designed to handle any preamp where as your head is designed to handle its own preamp.
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A head is just a preamp and a power amp together in one box. If you have a head, you won't need a separate preamp or a separate power amp (and if you run from the output on a power amp to the input on a head, you'll end up destroying both of them). You generally run most of your rackmount effects between the preamp and power amp (which is the same thing as using an effects loop on a head) as most of them are modulation effects.

I firmly suggest not investing in rack equipment until you've done some further research. There are some excellent tutorials and diagrams on the internet that you should look up.
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