I was on rondomusic.com looking at some Agiles (since they are becoming pretty popular among the UG members). Anyone know anything about the SX and Douglas guitars that are sold on the site? I've been looking for a cheap guitar to just throw down with and not care about what happens to it.
I don't know much about their guitars but I have an SX bass and it's quality is great. It plays like any other Fender bass, way better than a Squier.

I've played a Douglas guitar before, it was pretty solid too except for the tremolo, but that's kind of expected from a $150 guitar.
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i have a sx with a floyd rose and the things plays like its worth way more. and the quailty of it built is nice i say go ahead and get one. and once you do get it you wont want it as a beater it will be a guitar to take care of..
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Alright thanks for the input! Its always kind of a hit/miss type thing with companies like that - sometimes you will find a company that sells higher quality guitars at a low price and sometimes you'll find a company that sells crappy guitars at a low price.

Just wanted to check and see if anyone had any experience before I throw my money on the table.

Thanks again!