Beginner to intermediate level, I listen to metal. Bands include:

Blind guardian
Iron Maiden
Children of Bodom

Please don't choose a song from one of these bands, I want to discover a new band, a new style, song, whatever since I'm stuck for fresh material at the moment.

Lamb of god? I listen to the same music to you, so you might like them. Redneck is a fun song to plays. Laid to rest is a good one, a little overplayed though.


One of my favorite bands is War of ages. They are a lesser known band but they are really good. Only about 16 tabs on UG though, check em out.
Moonlapse Vertigo by Opeth.

It's not too hard, but it's got a ton of variation to it.
Stop being jerks and suggest him a song he wants to learn. It gets kind of old.
I'm between something by lamb of god or the opeth song. Not a big fan of the Tornados song though. If that was a serious post, sorry, just not my thing. If it was meant to be sarcastic... sorry... it didn't work.
No, I meant it as a serious thing. I figured a far enough departure from the standard metal for you since you said you wanted to try a new style. There's a lot of good music with plenty of guitar that isn't ear-blasting metal.