Got a new piece up in my profile. Under "Some New Blues".
It's mostly improv, and I understand that I am a sloppy player, but i've only been playing for a year, so I have alot of room for improvement. But, the notes are there.
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C4C as always. No myspace music though, my computer doesn't like myspace music (I have dialup, and the typical overly cluttered myspace band page takes a long time to load). But, if you have truevolume (or some other cleanly organized music site) or a song on your UG profile that you want critiqued, i'll definitely crit it.
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the tone is good, i like it. Some of the faster parts seemed a bit rushed, try to slow it down a bit and work on the picking. Overall nice dynamics, maybe work on the structure a bit, if your going for that kind of a feel, but as an improv jam it fits nicely.

C4C my stuff on my profile?
I really like your tone - sounds nicely compressed and warm. As a song this doesn't really work but as a jam it's awesome. It'd work well as a solo slot in a setlist at a gig or something. Good playing throughout too, some good picking and it's generally tight all the way through.

Good job.

Thanks for the crit on mine.
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I didn't the playing was that bad to be honest. Its very good considering its improvised but it gets a bit repetitive after a while although that is to be expected. Very nice tone as well. You should try to work with a group, that should help your playing skills and all round musicianship no end.

If you have time could you crit mine? Here's the link
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Crit as I listen, I remember you from your profile picture so I knew I'd be getting some good ole' blues :P. I like the intro it's well.... it's blues. xD. I'm jealous of your strat tone. I think it would go over well with a drum track and some back up guitar in parts. I like it though, has tons of potential if you work with it a bit more. Also, I know STV does it, but in some parts you almost rake the strings too much. Not really a complaint, just something to work on. Overall, great job.
hey dude, sorry for respondin so late! I realized I listened to it then never commented, and now I can't find it so sorry if I'm remembering something else or am not very detailed...

The tone was AMAZING - that I remember clearly. Technique was great for me, but I guess I thought it could've used a little bit more consistency within the musical patterns/melody (if that makes sense?)

Once again, Sorry dude - but great job!
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