First, I put it in a powertab file because that's primarily what I work with. If you have gp, you can still import the track using File>Import>PowerTab File.

Anyhoo, I blasted this thing out a few months ago, and I just can't find an appropriate way to move on from where it ends. If any of you have a suggestion of how I might expand, I'd love to hear everything you've got.

And, though it's not a conventional "bloat my ego" posting, c4c still applies if you've got something you want checked out.

Edit >> forgot to upload the file..
Variations. Keep the same da-diga-da-da-da-da-da-da- that was in like, bars 1-5 same rhythm, but change the notes completely. I also found a way to end it, put it in PTE but it won't let me attach it i'll try it again later.

Also, if you would check out my thread, it's titled Original Punk, and its in PTE.

I really freaking dig the song though.
the ladies love when i gyrate my ass in front of a graveyard