So, I have a Marhshall Valvestate 8080 (1st generation), and it's actually a very nice amp despite what people say although it has very poor bass, and too much treble. I was thinking about getting a Bad Monkey to boost the bass on it, as I hear they can do this very well. However I hear EHX LPB-1's are good too, and I've been told that Dano Fish n Chips will do the job well too.

What's the best option?

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get a trebleboost with switchable boost frequencies

or an EQ


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Well whats's your price range? I'd reccomend and MXR EQ, or a EHX Bassballs

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If you ONLY want to boost the bass, I'd say go for the Fish 'n Chips. The other pedals are more ment for boosting the input to get more gain.
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Well whats's your price range? I'd reccomend and MXR EQ, or a EHX Bassballs

Urm, no.

George, you want an EQ of some sort. My LPB-1 gives me a bit of bass, and will boost your signal just like the other pedals. I think an EQ would be more sensible, but you have to try the LPB-1 out first.
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