is the danelectro talk box good, i wanna do like bon jovi and motley crue talkbox intros and solos, and as it can go straight into my amp, is it good cos i dont wanna have to mic the whole thing up to a seperate amp
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I know you don't need a separate amp for Rocktron Banshee. Dunno about danelectro.
you need a separate mic and amp for every talkbox, i have a rocktron and i have to separately mic it,

the way it works is that your guitar signal goes to the talkbox and then into your mouth then you talk into a mic. so you pretty much have to or else it is just quiet.
You don't need a separate amp for the Danelectro. I own it. It has two small microphone buds about 5 inches down from the opening of the mouth tube. The problem is, at least on mine, they weren't very loud, so I pretty much had to have the mic's in my mouth in order to hear it loudly.

Otherwise, talk boxes work such that you would need a separate mic next to the tube in order to pick up the sound that is coming out.

On another note, be leery of purchasing a talk box, mine was fun for a couple weeks and then I got bored of it. Its more of a toy than particularly functional. But don't let me stop you from getting it, its still pretty damn cool.