I've added a new song to my UG profile called 'Song for Electric Guitar and Stylophone.' I'm not sure what style it is - kind of post-rock/experimental/ambient blah blah blah I guess. It was written because I recently received a stylophone (which is one of these things)

I just found it really fun and liked the 'retro' kind of sound it made.

anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

crit for crit and all that.


on UG profile as well.

EDIT: Updated so it's now audible.
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hey man first off thanks for the great crit of my three songs... really appreciate you taking the time. your new song is beautiful- reminds me of sigur ros. would love to hear some vocals in it- nothing that calls too much attention to itself- but perhaps some gentle musings. very soothing. almost could fit the score to "the beach" or a similar movie.

and yes- i'll hopefully get to put up more of song to the siren... i adore the lyrics to that song.
Nah, totally my style. I love post rock/blah blah blah, and I remember listening to some of your shoegaze works and loving those as well. I generally listen to odd/experimental music and channel it into basic little pop songs.

Hard to critique too much. I like the build ~1.49 and the following silence. The let-down of the throbbing. The melody a little before the crest of the rises in volume is really great. The only comment I really have is that it loses the mournful feel it has going for it in the quiet moments when more gets added on.
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THx for the insightful critique!! Now lets look at your song:

Hmm I don't think I've ever seen a Stylophone lol, but it sounds pretty good. Anyways the music overall has a soothing quality too it.

My fav part are the buildups when the electric guitar swells. Kind of gets me excited lol.

The melodies are great too. For a suggestion, I think rather than letting the build up die down, you should capitalize on it though. Maybe add a simple melodic solo.

Anyways overall, love the idea and it's organized quite well.

^yeah, there's a link to my myspace at the top of the page and in my profile.

Thanks for the crit guys! I don't have a lot of free time right now but I'll crit your songs tomorrow (hopefully) or, failing that, later on this week.