i have this problem where i cant play guitar in front of anyone unless its the people i jam with...like we'll be playing all kool and as soon as someone else walks in the door, i finish up what im playing and cant seem to start again.

I know im good at guitar and i'll impress people but its just so WIERD!!! Im incapable of impressing and how the hell am i gonna play at a show one of these days??
It's a VERY common problem. No biggie at all. A show will be much different if that's what you're worried about. Usually the pressure/intimidation and adrenaline will get you to play on stage(even if you feel scared to death and make mistakes all over the place). But actual stage time is the only thing that will help your stage fright.

And don't worry about impressing people. Just play your music.
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I know this may sound like an obscure and risky thing but drink alcohol, just enough to be relaxed but not too much that you can't play in your normal way. This happens to a lot of people but often times when the moment to play on stage, the thrill and the rush of energy in your system actually helps you play. This is not always the case but for some, the shear site of all those people encourages better, more energetic playing.
uh-oh stage fright....dont worry, it happens to everyone at some level. just play in front of family, close friends, and keep expanding the group you play for. play your best stuff. be self confident. dont focus on the people watching, just focus on you and your band

^^^idk about the alcohol thing, you drink just a little too much you start to lose talent
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i can barely play in front of family...its pretty bad

yah maybe if i play a show then it'll all get better from there......if i had a drummer...
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i can barely play in front of family...its pretty bad

yah maybe if i play a show then it'll all get better from there......if i had a drummer...

Ah don't worry about it mate, its not the end of the world anyway. Guitar playing should be about slow progress, learning and advancing when the time feels right. Being natural.

Take me for instance, I don't play with a metronome and I just can't get my head around using them for the same riff over and over again. I can play in time, the rare times that I have used the click, I've never been seriously off. I jam with songs, I jam along with powertab, I jam in a band, the best way to becoming more tight.
The right time for me to use a metronome will come, and until then, I'll just keep jamming and improving my style and expression, not my accuracy and speed.

The right time for you to play in front of people will come, your body wants it to happen. Its like an artist painting a picture and never displaying it to anyone. Yes, there are joys to be found in that, but part of the joy is showing it to someone and seeing their reaction. And that is the same with guitar, it will just happen. For some, it takews longer, but don't worry, enjoy the part of playing that you can do. Maybe you kick my ass or loads of other peoples asses at shredding, who knows!