I currently have an epi g-400. I hate everything about it (look, sound, hardware, electronics). I thought about getting upgrading everything but that would cost about $500 or $600. I thought about a PRS Allender or a Ibanez Xiphos. Then I saw the epiphone prophecy line and they had all the things I wanted in my guitar. I was planning on getting a new guitar and fixing up my old epi because I wanted a metal guitar and a more conservative one. But should I just get the Les Paul GX and the Futura FX or get the Futura and upgrade the SG.

Basically, the prophecies look too good to be true for that price. The Les Paul Custom GX is $700 and the Futura Custom FX is $650. Is there anything wrong with them. I'm a little worried about the heel of the neck blocking access to the upper frets.

Check them out here:
Upgrading guitars in my opinion, unless they were already very good, is risky. You may as well flash out another few hundred and get a brand new guitar, with better specs, better build quality, and overall better sound. Plus you still have your old guitar that could be upgraded in the future if you have a connection with it. But by the way you were talking, you don't! So I'd suggest something new. I haven't played any of the guitars you mentioned except the G4000 itself so I have no comments on which one of the list you suggested.
If it looks to good to be true, it probably is......
The Prophecy series isn't that good tbh.
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I want something with a floyd rose and emgs. The futera is the only guitar in that price range that I actually like that has those without needing to upgrade and spending much more for the emgs. I definitely want the Futura, it's whether to get the LP or upgrade the SG

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If it looks to good to be true, it probably is......
The Prophecy series isn't that good tbh.

What's not that good about it? They come with EMGs or Gibson Dirty Fingers (don't know how I feel about these yet), original Floyd Roses, and coil taps. Hopefully, everything else is the same quality as other Epiphones.
Is the heel on those guitars something that should affect whether I buy them or not? They're bound at the 17th and 18th fret
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Old mother****ing news
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Wow, even if it is old news these guitars look ****ing hot.
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Is the heel on those guitars something that should affect whether I buy them or not? They're bound at the 17th and 18th fret

Yes, if your searching for a guitar that has endless noodling posibilties then the best thing for to do is try one out and decide for yourself. I personally wouldn't purchase a shred guitar that doens't allow me to access the higher 24th fret with decent ease. A Floyd Rose is very useful, but EMG's, I just don't think they cut it. Too much distortion and not enough real grit. Don't get me wrong though, EMG's are still very good, just not my kind of metal.
If you can make a Seymour Duncan equipped guitar (Jackson/Schecter) squeel and rawr, then you are so much more metal than the guy who uses EMG's!
Well, I got to check out a few of the new Prophecy guitars today and they are ****ing sweet!!!! My fav is the Futura hard tail but the SG and LP were nice as well. I played the Futura the most. It has the EMG 81/85 set up and they just scream! The guitar feels and plays just as good as any true Gibson and better then almost any other guitar I have played. Well worth the $550.00 they are asking for it at MF. They didn't have the Futura with the OFL and I would like to try that. I am really amazed at the finish on the Futura I played it's almost like you can look thru the guitar almost 3d. Epi really out did themselves on this line. These are quality guitars at great prices! I don't know when these are going to be available but I am buying one as soon as I can. The guitars I tried were on lone to a guitar shop but were not for sale other wise the Futura would be sitting right here!! The sales man that let me check out the guitars says they are on order and should be in very soon. I can not wait!
Wow, it's 2008 and Ephiphone is just starting to make guitars equvilent to what was made by other companies back in 1990. Un****ingreal.
does anyone have any videos of any of the prophecy guitars?
there is only one on youtube as of now- the les paul with dirty fingers, but i want to hear this les paul with emgs