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Hey everyone, I first want to apologize for opening up another topic about this, but I have some specific questions that I wanted answered. I started playing electric guitar about a year and a half ago and bought a cheap guitar to see if I would stick to playing. I have and I love playing and feel like it's time to start looking at a long term investment.

I pretty much have my mind set on a Fender Strat but do not know where to go from there. I've done quite a bit of research between the MIM and MIA and am still not sure which way to go. If I invested in a MIM i was planning on doing some hefty upgrades in hopes that it would be just as good if not better than the MIA for a cheaper or sam price.

I'm in to blues like eric clapton, stevie ray vaughan and old rock like guns and roses.

I was just looking around and saw the reissue 50's strat and looks really nice.

So any input is much appreciate!

Oh and if your curious I have a vox 15vt amp.
you can't beat an MIA strat, such as the new 08 standards, but being twice the price of an MIM you have to have the budget for it.

IMHO no matter what you do to a MIM, you will still get a better feel from an American one. I love the neck on my Strat!
Oh sorry about that, I really don't want to go over $1000, but I was thinking that the upgraded MIM strat would be roughly $800.

Also just saw the Highway one model that looked very solid.
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