Hey, I have a boss overdrive distortion pedal :
and an empty wah case

Is there any way i can mod these so that i can get some crazy osilation type sounds like matt gets from his fuzz factory, or is there i can do with either of these to make them into some thing useable. The overdrive works fine but needs the switch and a jack wiring back up and the wah pot and inputs work fine but the rest dosnt work.

Im sure ive seen a way to make some strange effects with any distortion pedal by getting a few jacks and looping the pedal back on its self, some thing like that might be good. If there isnt any thing i can do with either then i may end up trying to fix them and just seling them but im hoping i can do something fun with them...

Any way, what do you guys reckon i could do with them to spice them up a bit to try and modify them so they are usable or just make strange sounds with them?

or should i leave them to collect dust under my bed?

Or should i fix them and try and sell them?
Sell em' and buy a Fuzz Factory.

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