I am looking for a little travel size acoustic guitar that is good for it's size. I've tried a Taylor Baby, a Fender, and a Martin LXM Little Martin, but I am thinking about getting the Martin LX1. Is this a good choice? Any better travel size acoustics? Thanks
i would avoid all martins with HPL. especially as a travel guitar. HPL, when not taken care of properly, tends to fall apart. when you travel, the conditions change back and forth a bit.

if you REALLY want a "travel" sized guitar, try the Rover. it actually IS "travel" sized. very small.
How much are you willing to spend. Composite Acoustics has a really nice sounding parlor size guitar for about 600 US. The sound clips Ive heard from it are spectacular. Personally I really dislike most travel guitars. I would rather get a parlor or 00 size guitar instead because for the most part I have found they sound better. If you are on a budget I would get either the seagull parlor or art and lutherie parlor or folk. All three of those will fit easily in a plane in the top rack.