I was looking for tickets for a concert(iron maiden) and it says

"Reserved seating event with General Admission standing room floor."

So are there separate tickets for the seating and the standing room floor(as in you can't have seats if you want to be on the the room floor) or can you go down to the standing room floor whenever you want even if you have seats.

Sorry for being a noob but this is really confusing me. can someone please explain?

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i went to a show where we were supposed to have reserve seats, but i just walked down into the general admission area and got a lot closer to the stage. i dont know if all shows are like that, but at the one i went to where the seating was like that you could go down.
That means you can either have a seat up in the stands. where they assign you a seat, or you can get a floor ticket were your free to roam.

Edit: when you have a stands ticket, depending on the structure of the building and the strictness of security, you can get to the floor and roam.
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good luck getting a floor ticket to Maiden. I was doing the presale as soon as it started and i couldn't get the floor.
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