well I decided to get a new guitar seeing as how I have a crappy used peavey that was originally bought at target as a "starter pack" haha. I was told by someone here that this guitar was a good buy, and after reading many reviews it seems like its the best bang for the buck right now...


the thing is... while it seems like everything I need as a beginner as far as playability its not quite what I want looks wise. now I know looks is second priority so I'm just making this thread out of sheer hope. so my question is...

does anyone know of a cheap guitar that compares to this one as far as playbility that is also EITHER a cutaway? OR has a black and/or sunburst type of finish? doesn't have to be a cutaway AND different color, just one or the other. thanks in advance. -wiggz
yamaha acoustics are really nice for the price man. my cuz got a 270$ model it is played like a dream plus it had a really nice finish.
You won't find a cutaway guitar in the price range...at least one worth buying.

If you have to have a fancy finish, the 730s is your best bet.

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what makes the 730 100 dollars more than the 700? and no the finish isnt THAT important, not 100 dollars important neway...
^ The wood of the back and sides. the 700 is nato, the 730 is rosewood. they're both laminate though, so it doesn't make that much difference.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
The 730 from my experience sounds like a really good 700 $ plus guitar\

The 700 sounds like a really good 300 $ guitar
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If you like the sound, go for it. I would try the Silver Creek D-160. Same price, all solid wood


so are these pretty much the exact same guitar except the 720 is more expensive because of the finish? the music shop here price matches net prices... and I actually found the 700S for $200 online, and the 720S for $270. so what makes it more expensive exactly?
the 730s is what you should be looking at...I dont think theres much difference between 700 and 720 other than finish but theres a big jump up once you try the 730..Although i have never played the 720
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^maybe in a few years lol... im tryin to stay under 250 here and that 730 is $350 :O . unless tha 100 dollars makes it drastically easier to play than a 700/720 i'll prob stay with the cheaper ones.

I think I'll be at the shops tommorow and hopefully will have a new guitar by sunday. Also my buddy tried my acoustic (he already has played for a number of years) and says its the hardest guitar he's ever tried haha.

Just got back from the shop and tried a yamaha while I was there... not sure which one but it was 450 down from 900 on sale so it was prob a 730 haha. I never realized how shty my guitar really is...
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