Poll: Epiphone Les Paul custom good or bad ?
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9 82%
2 18%
Voters: 11.
has any body got one?

im thinking about getting one but not too sure if they are any good if you have one or know about them could u tell me if there any good ?

oh and one other thing how much should i be expecting to pay ?
Mine was pretty bad. I mean, I expected a lot more for what I paid.
Maybe it was just me, but after getting that one, I played 4 Customs more and they were even worse.
But Epiphone has improved their guitars since 2006 so if you get a new one then it'll probably be a lot better.
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i have one and i love it. everything on it seems solidly built, it plays great, and it sounds great. i only have 3 issues. the hardware and pickup covers are pretty rusted/corroded. its probably mostly my fault because of my acidy hand sweat haha, but its pretty bad. but it migh tnot be an issue for you if you dont have the same type of hand problems. the other issue is the pickups. they do sound good, but they could be better. if you are really picky about pickups, you will want to change them. if not, like me, you wont need to change them. i might change them one day just to get a little better sound, but im happy with it.

edit: mine was made around 2005, and i payed 300 for it. its also got a flame top, so i think those are around 700 new
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I love mine. It sounds perfect for what my band does, couldn't be happier with it.
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I love mine
And they did improve them in '07 (reverting back to Mahoru's comment)
I got one of the new one's and its brilliant
I got the black one with gold hardware, although i'm now in the process of switching it all for silver.
The only thing i would suggest is for sticking some locking tuners on, as the tuning is a little dodgy, thats my only problem, but some locking tuners sort that out