w00t finally, I've been reasearching tube amps for 3 months now, and I'm preety damn sure the C30 will satisfy me.

Some questions though.

1) The amp has something called effect loop? what does it do? I heard it's for connecting pedals and your guitar, but can't you do that by just connect a cable to the input of the amp, then to the imput of the pedal, and get another cable, connect that to the guitar and to the output of the pedal??

that's all I need to know, and I also heard the new peaveys have a valve guard?

P.S I sold my Marshall MG15CD !!!
The effects loop lets you put effects after the preamp, this is there because some effects sound better in the effects loop.

Example: If you put a delay inbetween your guitar and amp input and have your amp's overdrive on then it will sound messy and pretty bad because the amp is overdriving the delayed sound. If you have it in the effects loop then the delay is after the overdrive, which sounds a lot better.
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The effect loop works best for "time based " effects, delay reverb etc. You can turn the effect up a lot more in the loop and it'll sound better than going in the front. Modulation effects, phaser,flanger,wah etc usually sound as good or better plug into the front like you described. Best advice try em all both ways and decide what you like best.