Hello everyone, I finally decided to register after meandering around the tabs on the mainsite for the past 6 months or so.

As my screen name suggests, my favorite band is Skillet (my cd library would also suggest this because I have all 6 of their studio cds). Other favorite bands include (but are not limited to) Haste The Day, Becoming The Archetype, Thousand Foot Krutch, August Burns Red, Fireflight, Demon Hunter, and Metallica (but really, who ISN'T a Metallica fan?[not to offend people who really aren't] :P)

I play a black Epiphone SG Special model, and I'm not the BEST at guitar, but I get a little better each time I pick it up. I play drums at church and again at my youth group on sunday nights, and bass at another youth group on wednesdays, so you could say I'm slightly diversified musically. And like with standard guitar, I get better each time I sit down at the drums, or strap up a bass.

And to wrap it up, I'm planning on enjoying my stay here so please no meanness :P

Oh yeah, one last thing, I'm also a HUGE Final Fantasy freak. And I'll close out with this guitar below... my dream guitar, a Final Fantasy VIII edition Gibson (or Epiphone, I really don't care which) SG:

(btw this isn't real, I made it in photoshop today. But does anyone know if I can get my guitar transformed into this? that'd be amazing)