So a few days ago, as countless times before, I sat down with my guitar after another rough day, my mood being pretty indignant, stressed and upset. As usual I get my mood out by playing my beloved strat.

What I was able to play and record that day seems to far exceed my normal potential, it is interesting. I would appreciate it if you checked out my newest recording, "D Pentatonic Wah Solo" on my UG Profile, and leave me a comment telling me your thoughts. I will find your work and do the same for you.

Thanks alot, all! =D Rock on.
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I have days like that too, where I would totally suck one day, then randomly be able to play beyond my skill level. I love recording spontaneous improvs, but sometimes they're sloppy. Oh well, i'll clean up my playing one day...

Your playing was pretty good. I would dial down on the distortion a bit though.
I don't think modern Fenders sound good when there's lots of distortion slapped on.
Anyways, good job, but some parts were intelligible, which I don't think was your fault.

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In terms of playing and emotion this was absolutely fantastic. Much better than anything I could play. Very nice lead guitar tone as well. The rhythm guitar was a bit bland but you could easily rectify that. For an improvised solo though the creativity and skill is incredible. I'd give you an 8.5/10

If you have time could you crit mine? Here's the link
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