Hiiiiii, I know this community isn't that into Tegan & Sara.. but, I did the title track of their latest CD.... So.... please rate it if you thought it was the leeeast bit good. =D

PLEASE RATE on Profile.... it's kinda sad to get lots and lots of hits, and receive no ratings for my music. =(

Thank you.

The song is in my profile... remember.... it's called "The Con".
Nice vocals. Want to move to Hungary?
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Quote by Revalk
Nice vocals. Want to move to Hungary?

Thank yoooou! And... No thank you. Tee hee.

Quote by WeezerRocksHard
oo man. wow. i love tegan and sara.

i love this cover. please do some more. i love your voice too.

its amazing. damn.

Thank you very much! I love tegan & sara too. I'm starting to work on a Speak Slow cover now! That is... once my guitar comes back home. Haha.
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