Today, my output jack on my Epiphone Les Paul guitar ripped off and both wires are torn off on each ends. I want to put the output jack back on my guitar so I can start rocking again, dammit! I am experienced with sodering, so if I have to soder anything, I will do it. I took some pics:

http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/9586/2008032062252bk3.jpg - output jack ripped off
http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/8756/2008032062290nx4.jpg - guitar alone
http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/7494/2008032062301zu0.jpg - head of stock of guitar
http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/4302/2008032062330nl2.jpg - output jack hole on guitar
http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/5782/2008032062345mm3.jpg - inside guitar with all wires for output jack, etc

can someone tell me what i have to do? what wires do i need to sire to what, etc? help.
Wait, the plate and the jack pulled out of your guitar? Well, first you're going to need to fix the holes where hte plate mounts if that is the case. Now for fixing it, you'll need to resolder the leads to the jack.
and make sure you them the right way. it wouldn't be good if you mixed up positive and negative or whatever you call them with output jacks.
dude, shoddy pics much?

solder the earth (ground) wire to the right lug (in the pic)

and the signal to the left one (from the pic again)

the earth one will have a connection somewhere to the back of a pot. follow all of these back-of-pot connections til you get a loose wire.

the signal sould be the only other loose wire. (it'll most likely be coming straight from the body of the guitar)

its an easy fix, good luck!
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and make sure you them the right way. it wouldn't be good if you mixed up positive and negative or whatever you call them with output jacks.

Hot and ground. The white should be hot, and there should be a bare for ground. The bare goes on the middle contact, while the white goes on the top contact, which is the hot. I'm doing this by memory, as I don't have a jack in my hands atm.
thanks stevo_epi_SG_wo. although, i don't know where any of those things are located inside the guitar. what should i do? i need to know exactly where to soder em. im gonna need pics or something so i know where to go
in your top pic, theres a tag on the right, and a tag on the left

find the 2 wires

solder one to the right, and one to the left

if it doesnt work...

swap them round

thats all there is to it
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pretty much

if theres like 2 wires in 1 insulation thing, then the bare, uninsulated strands go to the left (in the top pic) and the one insulated seperately, on the inside, goes to the right one
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alright.. i sodered em together, but now i get a **** load of static when i play.. messed with settings on amp and guitar, didn't help... what could possibly be the problem now?
Just for the record, it's solder. Perhaps you messed up your shielding? (complete guess as I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about) You probably messed up the ground wire though.
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^ I don't think theres ever shielding for the jack? I just wired my brothers guitar, and he hasn't bought a jack plate yet so the jack its just sitting outside the guitar and theres no extra static. Recheck the wiring on the jack, and check the back cavity and check the wiring to the pots. Something could've came loose in there if you had enough force to pull the joints to your jack.

like said, the inner lug gets the ground. so the tab closest to the center is the ground (black) wire and any bare wire might be there.

the hot (white ) wire would be on the outter most tab.

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Its really common for the epis to do this. Both new LPs I bought had loose jacks out of the box. Some locktite on the threads fixes it up. And a more sturdy metal jack plate does wonders.
ya im still getting a static effect. the two wires are touching, but they are isolated, so that shouldn't be the problem. what could the problem be?
hey guys.. i got it fixed. it was caused by a bad connection. thanks for the help guys. it's perfect now! no static, very clean.