Hi all,

I'm looking for a chorus pedal to get a more Dream Theater "Pull Me Under"-ish sound. I've spotted the Behringer Ultra Chorus UC200, which looks good for the price:
I just want some feedback from users - is it worth it?
Does it sound decent?
Will it last?

I'm on a budget (as you'll have guessed ) and this little gadget looks good. What do you think?


PS. I did search, but didn't get much by way of chorus pedals

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I'm selling a Boss super chorus for £35, even though it's not cheap as you say but it's a steal (it retails for 50)

There's a thread in Classfields
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i second the super chorus. real nice pedal
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i had a UC100

it ended up in a thousand pieces after a while

buuuuut i did intentionally destroy it. but thats another story

i was impressed actually, good sound, sturdy construction fo sho. i was on ages sawing it up

for the price? awesome

as a chorus pedal? good

deeper, wetter effect than the CH-1, but a bit.......cartoony sort of tone if you get me
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Maybe one of those new Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus'?
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