Ok so my recordings sound pretty flat and I was wondering how I make them feel like they should be in a song. Also how do you mix vocals, should you just hear them in the middle or what?
Umm yeah pretty much just learn how to sing there's some great articles bouncing around on the net.
Do you use a BR-600?
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What the hell are you talking about. I didn't ask for help on how to sing, I asked how to mix them.
Well, most people mix them directly in the centre of the stereo field. Also, pay a lot of attention to the volume mix, and how the level of the vocals relates to the other instruments. That's half the battle.

Then, to make your vocals sound more integrated with the song, it's usually a good idea to add a fairly subtle reverb and some compression. Experiment with settings. It can also sound nice to add a very subtle delay, but you wouldn't want to overdo this, unless that's the effect you're after.
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