Ok, so I'm a big fan of the Delta Blues, and today I just felt like doing some and it turned out awesome. Its an instrumental, but it sounds almost exactly like the old blues recordings, which just adds this great feel/vibe to it.

Its in my profile as "want you back".

Thanks guys! Please crit/c4c!
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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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that would be awesome if you saw it all the way through, good imagination

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In the beginning you gotta hold the rhythm out a little tighter, as 'loose' as blues is, they never missed a beat Its in their soul.

The recording could use some work, sounds like the AC is on in the back or something cause theres this annoying rumble... i have my volume turned up and you really cant hear too much....


i hear the repeating phrase and the lick, but the rest in between really isnt holding anything coherent.

/writing as i hear.
Good, but still boring. Made it *slightly* too long.
Plus, I hear more hum than guitar. Your *i'm assuming a camera mic* recording setup does make it sound retro though, it gives it a really lo-fi, white-noisy sound, which sounds good with delta blues.

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