A song I wrote today, it's about a boy who decides he's better of dreaming than living.
It's the first time I wrote the drums for a track, so they're not that good
The Dreamer.zip
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I quite liked the song. It sounded pretty good.
It sounded a lot like... Megadeth A LOT like megadeth.
I'd buy the song if you ever made an album.

But I think only the intro fitted the title of the dreamer.
The song sounded like it would be something about running around and fighting robots or some kind of crazy **** dave mustaine would make up.

But it was brilliant.
It sounded awesome.
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i am actually lolling right now!!! lmao!

After 1 and a half long years, someone laughed at one of my posts.

It sounds very nice, I liked the leads and rhythm. The drums and bass were good also. The acoustic riff from bar 134 onwards, was sick.

But you're right about the title, dreamer kind of appeals to a mellower type of sound.

Good job overall!!!

agreed sounds very very very megadeth, mebbee a lil more rock and roll though at the start before you started gettin your groove on
intro is very a tout le monde
i'd say the fast riff parts dont go on for long enough maybe develope those a little more into the verse parts, twud b much more fun to mosh too than the kinda blues brothers riff
really liked the part that started at 2.40ish very nice
then it all went a bit sweating bullets :P
i think you should put in a load of drum fills in the quietish part at around 3.50, jus some rolls down the toms and lil bits use them sparingly though...
very hanger 18 for the solo's good work i fookin love that stuff

overall pretty damn good bit on the long side but that dont matter at all
like the idea too, i wrote a song about the same thing called (corpses in your hands)
better to be dreaming than in reality, tiz a stuggling musician kinda thing aint it
Thanks for your crits guys
It's funny to hear my song sounds so Megadeth-ish, I'm a big fan of them so I consider it as a great compliment :P

And I'll try to add some more mosh-parts into the song