I just found that i can sing songs so much easier and better in whole step down tunings...What are some good songs that use
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well i bring songs that r in standard down a half step n even a whole step to sing them so u can do that with any song but if u want songs originally down a whole step try system of a downs first 3 albums n bodom if u can scream and killswitch engage they r all in drop c mostly
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ya they are..

but are you sayin i can bring alot of songs down a step without them bein destroyed ?
Damien Rice === Legend
Yea I have the same problem I have a low voice so I drop everything a half step, so either just drop what you want to play or write your own stuff.
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

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'Cowgirl in the Sand' and 'Hey Hey My My ' By Neil Young.
Both tuned down a full step to DGCFAD
More acoustic whole step down songs plz. I recently really got into whole step down and would like some more good acoustic rock songs in this tuning like Nirvana's "Do Ri Me" or Slipknot's "Snuff"
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Pink Floyd- Dogs

Also Uriah Heep- The Wizard (down a full step with a drop "C" e string
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