I have an Ibanez LoTRS floyd bridge. The whammy bar always falls down(not out). I used to pop the thing out and fiddle with the plastic fitting and sometimes it would stay put but now it's impossible. Any suggestions? thx in advance.
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I wrap the threads on the bar in electrical tape. That makes them stay put.
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Only downside i see to that is that the tape frays when u screw it in shredding inside the hole. A spring off a ballpoint pen works too if its small enough.
You can put some clear nail polish on the trem arm, usually 2-3 coats. Let it dry, then stick it in the trem. If it's too loose, apply additional coats. If it's too tight or doesn't fit, scrap it with a knife.
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Try some Teflon tape. It is made for threads. You can find some in the plumbing section at your local home improvement depot.
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