I just recently bought a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce and it sounds AMAZING, but I can't quite seem to nail the tone I'm looking for. I'm running into an Ibanez TS808 before the amp, and my settings on it are as follows:

Gain- 9 o'clock
Tone- 1 o'clock
Level- 3:30

The tone that I'm aiming for is somewhere along the lines of Parkway Drive/Killswitch Engage/Bullet For My Valentine. I'm not scared to use midrange(I actually dial in quite a bit on my amp), and I'm looking to get a nice and heavy, but defined tone, and something that will let my pinchs squeel like those bands. Any advice is greatly appreciated. My TS808 settings are not set in stone either, i'll take suggestions on it too!
graphic EQ?

boost 800 and cut 1.6K and the rest to taste, for a tighter sound
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run the ts808 through the fx loop for starters, then get a graphic eq and play around with it. Mids do tend to beef up your chugs if that's what you want.

and, for killswitch the stilletto is perfect because they use mesas and framus cobras. but bullet uses modded 5150/6505s which have a much sharper, tighter sound just naturally. parkway is pretty close to killswitch though, so you're good there!
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Quote by bite_the_bullet
run the ts808 through the fx loop for starters

No. He'll want to have the Tubescreamer in front of the amp as a boost, not in the loop.
My two main live guitars are an ESP EX w/ EMG 81 bridge, 85 neck, and a Jackson RR5 with Seymour Duncan JB's. How much do graphic EQ's usually run, what's a good brand to look at, and can I get a rack version? Sorry, I'm a noob when it comes to that kinda stuff=)