Yeah, this is gonna be the first BIG concert I've gone to, and we have cut the line passes, so we can get up close to the stage.

I know that we are gonna be there for like 6 hours standing the whole time, and so I'm getting a good night's rest.

Does anyone have any tips for this, cause I know I'm gonna be moshing, and I get sweaty and tired quickly, so any tips?
stay up all night and youll become so tired that youre not tired anymore!

It's true, I promise!
I've been here since '04.

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Don't mosh to the opening bands...

I'm keeping all my energy for a7x and BFMV
YEAH THE HAVE the best Act i heard from ppl who have gone
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Have fun bro Ill be going when it hits Long Beach.....For your favorite band, you have to get as close as you can 2-3 bands before to get really close and Mosh NASTY.....been to like eight festivals and works everytime...been to Virgin when it first came to Baltimore, and I have been to Coachella since 2004, not going this year cause its pretty lame though.
Drugs and alcohol are your friends.

My friends and I were 13 hours against the fence at the front of the main stage at Download 2005 - it was amazing.
Alright u will be good then because BFMV plays before bless the fall and Atreyu and then A7x so u will have time to rest I liked BFMV best but A7x had had fire and crap. I just like BFMV the best...
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Don't get knocked down in the mosh or you probably won't walk ever again.

Meh, I find that moshes are overblown. I have seen people get hurt on occasion but for the most part I've noticed that when someone goes down in a mosh there are usually a few people who pick them up. I know if i see someone go down and I'm close enough I'll help em out.
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Don't get knocked down in the mosh or you probably won't walk ever again.

is taste of chaos getting that intense? i went a while ago and the pits sucked, there were better during nickelback at a local concert here a while back *_*

EDIT: +1 on the cocaine and staying up all night ideas
Does anyone have any hints for sweating, or should I just drench myself in sweat?

If everyone else sweaty as well?
Yeah your going to sweat so is everyone else even the people sitting so don't worry about.
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I'm going tomorrow too, anyone know what time BFMV will hit the stage? I'm guessing around 7:30ish or at least I hope because I'm spending weekend at a friends house and his dad is at work till 12 that night so yeah, need to be out of there before then but I don't wanna miss A7X since they just own on so many levels not to mention they are my favorite band
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