I'm trying to work on my technique regarding chordal blues. I'm looking for blues that has a good rhythm. Something along the lines of Hendrix, or Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam, or stuff by RHCP or John Mayer.

Are there any good lessons on this sort of thing? What type of chords should I use? And are there any good artists/songs that have this sort of style?

Here is an example of the style I'm after...
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Let's analize that song. It's mostly based around one chord. He just added some groovy notes. Then we other chords come in, they all resolve to that one chord. Why don't you take your guitar, take a random major or minor chord and see which notes you can play around with to get that sound?
Well, I'm not going to be able to explain it all here, but basically it goes like this:

In blues you have (usually) 3 dominant chords: I7, IV7 and V7. In the key of C
this would be C7, F7 and G7.

You can think of the parent scales of those as C, F and G mixolydian.

You can take each of those scales and harmonize it. 3rds would likely be the best
choice. This will give you a large selection of chord "fragments" to choose from
which might consist of double-stops or triads.

Work in these "fragment" sub-progressions mixed with dominant chords (or
fragments thereof) of the main progression, and you get some nice reharmonizations
of the progression and still be within the progression.