I heard somewhere on here not too long ago that if you hook up an extension pedal to the Boss PS-5 Pitch Shifter that you would have a Whammy Pedal pretty much. Is there any advantage to doing this? For example, does the harmony or octaving sound better using a pedal and a Pitch Shift? Or would I be better off just getting the Whammy?

uuuhhhh i'd just get the whammy. KISS it dude....

(keep it simple stupid)

best way to do it! hope i helped bro!
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Well it doesn't really make sense, because after you buy a PS-5 and an expression pedal it'll end up costing about the same as a Whammy.

As for your question, I'm not entirely sure, but I imagine it would work a bit better with an expression pedal.
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Just save up alot and go for a wh1 or wh2 whammy, thats the whammy you hear on most records, so much smoother.
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The PS-5 is capable of being used as a basic and/or intelligent harmonizer. That's what it's going to come down to. The Whammy has a basic harmonizer and the well-known whammy effects (up 1 or 2 octaves, down 1-3 octaves, etc.). If you don't know what an intelligent harmonizer is and don't care, then get the whammy.

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Just save up alot and go for a wh1 or wh2 whammy, thats the whammy you hear on most records, so much smoother.

Not worth it. I couldn't justify spending $400+ on the WH1. It sounds slightly smoother and a bit more natural, but that's it. The WH-4 has more features than the WH1 and the Whammy II. Most people wouldn't even be able to hear the difference between the WH-1 and the WH-4 anyway. Unless you want to buy into the hype, go ahead and spend $400+ on the original.