Ok, i made this by accident the other day when i was messing about on my guitar. I made the intro and then i kinda got carried away and finished the song (writing) in about 30 minutes or so.

I used various VST's for the keyboard sounds. The only sound i couldn't get the right one for was the lead keyboard so i had to settle for something a little less as good as VST sounds can be.


C4C as usual.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Killer. Really good job mixing all the instruments and such.
And, good job making an MG actually sound pretty good.
The piece had this nice dark, yet melodic feel to it. I quite liked it.
Keep it up!

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Sounds really good!

Shadows of Death is amazing...
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Very old school Diamondhead/Iron Maiden. Good classical melody going in and nice guitar playing. The double bass part kicks ass and the guitar solo are arranged very well. The song flows very good. Breakdown at the end is my favorite part. I'd like to give you some "constructive criticism" but I like the whole song. If only there were vocals...

If you wouldn't mind checking out one of my songs...its a bit in left field...

I'm assuming it's the Metal Project 3 one? Really good track, this. Love the tone and recording quality, sounds nice. My favourite part of this song is definately the solo at around 2:12. Some awesome techniques used here, love the odd pinched harmonic thrown in there. I like how it comes back in after the breakdown thing at 2:47. I think vocals would suit this song well but it sounds okay now. Like the ending as well, very nice. For some reason it reminded me of the Number Of The Beast ending. Overall a very good effort, well done

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Very sweet, Children of Bodom-y, I like it a lot. A lot of great "evil" sounding riffs. Ive never been a huge fan of all that over harmonic bending deal, but that just personal preference. I this track is dying for some killer vocals. I most enjoy the "chorus" With the fragmented chords, not enough people use those to their abilities. The only thing that I thought was abit out of place was the weird bridge breakdown in the late three minute area. You should just keep palming through. But honestly not a huge big deal lol Solid stuff, really good.

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