So i got an extra large paycheck this month and it braught me back to somthing which has been a pet idea of mine for a while. the "traveling guitar".

I have an alectric acoustic and two electrics. But i've seen the little acousitics in shops and online etc and often wonderd if they are any good... id like one cause at the moment i lug a full sized acoustic guitar everywhere and it would be neet to have somthing smaller. Since i already own a great acoustic i wouldn't be needing awsome quality but i'm also not willing to pay an awsome price.

does anyone have a traveling guitar? any advice on what inexpensive models are any good? is the whole thing just a gimmic?

thanks in advance!
travel guitars often sound bad.

your best alternative is to find really small bodied guitars instead. the Art & Lutherie Ami Parlour guitar would probably be small enough. they still sound decent though, unlike travel guitars.