Okay guys.. this is the thing.. I have been like 6 months with my boyfriend (yep.. this will kind of bore you) and we are really close.. I mean close as the same cliché of we can speak for each other, we're totally in love.. bla, bla, bla.. anyway.. it is like awesome.. but.. obviously there had to be a problem.. he is totally flirting with my (and his) best friend.. at first I was obviously thinking like, oh they're friends.. and shes my best friend.. but then, it was like.. harder to live with, because the like... hold hands.. they kiss.. and I mean.. I'm not an idiot.. so I spoke to this guy.. and he told me the expected:
We're just friends.. besides, she kissed ME.
You can all imagine what she said.. she went like, god we're bes friends.. do you honestly think I would do that? And.. I was like.. ok.. sure.. whatever.. so I love this guy too much to let him be like that with me.. but I'm not going to be a total idiot on this.. because you know.. I know that he will always have friends.. and they'll be close.. but this is too much.. and now I really don't know what to do, because every time I talk with him about this.. he goes like "you know I love you, she is my best friend.. I don't even like her that much".. but then 20 minutes later, they're holding hands and kissing and all that... so, what should I do? I'm so sick of this..

I know you'll all flame me or something.. (i'm expecting the typical "go to the relationship thread" etc.. comments) but I just need somebody to know this.. or at least to tell me to shut up .. or whatever.. I really don't care.. just.. I need someone who is a witness.. Oh, btw..sorry 'bout taking so much time away from you guys..

EDIT: Yeah, I'm a girl.. and No.. I'm not gay

EDIT2: Um.. sorry if it isn't quite understandable.. but english isn't my first language.. so I'm not that good at it

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1. Tell him you're sick of it.
2. Tell him you're sick of him.
3. Get a better boyfriend.
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TS: Whenever a significant other kisses someone else, it's usually not a good sign

Also, relationship thread.
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