Hey all.

Just bought a Boss GT-8 and was wondering if anyone could refer me to any websites which list settings for custom patches, effects and band settings (eg. Opeth, Alexisonfire, Pinback etc.) for the GT-8.

Muchly Appreciated : )
some dude on here has a GT-8 thread. i think its twostring, or someone with a strongbad avatar.
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Sorry, just had a look and it's merely a review thread, nothing about settings. So we're back to square one haha.
bossgtcentral!!! google it

I hope you didn't buy yours between $400-450, because GT-10 is coming up and its around $499 probable $450 with some haggling (got my GT-8 3 months ago for $200 so good deal for me )
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I think there is a way. I am not 100% positive, but its worth checking more into. I believe there is editing software you can download. With this software you can load a patch and see the settings they use for everything. Sorry I cant be more help, but I know this can be done.