Nice intro. Straight to the point. The mix could be better when the keys come in. Volumes fluctuate a little too much in my opinion. Guitars are spastic...I LOVE IT! Trip Hop just like I like. I'm pissed off though...it's not long enough! I'd like to hear this as a finished piece. Good job!

If you wouldn't mind checking out one of my jams. It's a little more metal but hey I want opinions from everyone.

You've got some nice concepts here.

The first one sounded like a good recording. I liked the trip hop sounds. It could use a little more drama, I think... maybe some breaks or some more instrumentation.

The second one is pretty bad quality, but from what I can hear... The concept with the industrial death metal drums would sound pretty cool with some better drum synths. The rhythm on it is cool. Simple, but good.

The soloing on both tracks sounds like you've mastered some scales, and thats all you're playing. The first solo winds down towards the end of the trip hop song and starts sounding really interesting, but the shredding scales was a little boring. Try putting some more variation into it, changing up the rhythm of your shredding with some breaks and skipped notes along the scales, it will give it a lot more flavor.

Try a little slow, a little fast, skip some notes... it will get better. Just running up and down at 100mph is exciting for showing off, but doesn't mean much in a song format.

So the short version: You can play some sick guitar. You need to work on your song writing.

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