i've been really considering the palomino v16 for my new amp, but i have a few questions.

i really want a cheaper tube amp, and the blackheart is on backorder for who knows how long, so i narrowed it down to this and maybe a valveking.

i've read a lot of reviews on this amp and it seems like a good deal for $280 from gc. why does the same amp cost $120 more at musician's friend? how do i know if i'm getting a made in viet nam model or made in us?

can this amp do metal with a decent overdrive pedal? (bad monkey or tube screamer)

anyone have any additional info or experience with this amp?

Any V16 you buy online new will be MIV. IF you find a used one or an old floor model at a store it might be MIA. I think GC is just getting rid of all the palominos to make room for a new amp like the Blackhearts or soemthing. I don't know but I kind of get that feeling since the blackhearts are a Crate made amp also.

THe amp can get Van Halen and Iron Maiden tones without an OD so it could probably get pretty heavy with an OD.
thanks. seems like a pretty good deal. i'm gonna go try out some amps tomorrow and see if i can find one to play on.
Yeah it's a great amp but aimed for blues, classic rock, and some hardish rock. Not really a metal amp. The V16 is better sound and build quality IMO but you might want to get the Valveking just because it has more gain on tap. Just try them both out to see which you like more. For me and my blues playing the choice to get the V16 was easy.
ive got a MIA v30 and its the same as the v32 palomino. my first impression was holy blues tone on clean or dirty. now ive got some pedals and it sounds great. its dirty is good, nothing high gain but if youve got a good OD pedal you can get good mastadongian tones. got a distortion pedal in the mail we'll see if that helps for the high gains stuff. i cant speak for the 15 watt model but i love my v30. got it for 300 bucks off ebay
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