hey all.
at the moment my epi lp has stupid amounts of feedback and squelling to the point that its practically unplaybale and its really gettin on my nerves. it does it on all amps, with different leads, on the dirty channel, once it gets past like bedroom practice volume. would a noise gate(pedal) fix this problem? or am i better of taking it into a shop and getting the guitar looked at and fix it properly?

any advice would be great thanks
sorry to bring up the obvious but uh try muting the strings?
they tend to squeal at higher volumes.... unless muted

otherwise yeah get it checked
noise gate just gets rid of static and fuzz
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nah its not the strings ringing. like if i mute them it still just squeels...real loud...i think somethings wrong a
do any of your other guitars do this in the amp? if not then its probably something wrong with the electrical in your guitar.
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You don't need to turn down your gain or back away (unless you are literally inches from the amp facing it). Just get a Noise Gate first and see if that gets rid of your problem. If it doesn't, rewire your guitar with added shielding. If that doesn't work, look to your cables. If all else fails (which at this point I hope it wouldn't), check your inputs.
Could also be your pick ups. But I would first try to turn down gain on amp/pedal whatever you use. Distortion pedals can cause a lot of feedback. If that doen't get you the result, then look into a noisegate.
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Regardless of the situation, having some type of noise reduction on hand is never a bad idea.
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Try a different guitar first before anything.
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undo the 4 screws on the jack plate and i'd almost put money on one of the wires being ripped off. its happened to me a few times. it just happens when you try and tighten the jack too much. its an easy fix
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