I am having my guitar setup tomorrow with new strings 10-52 gauge, mainly because I play a lot of drop C and D. My important question is if you think that I am overdoing the gauge and that it will be really difficult to play in standard tuning?

Does this sound like it should be okay or should I have him back off the string gauge a little bit?

You'll most likely be fine. I used 11's for quite some time in standard tuning mainly cause I wanter to improve my strength. Now I use 10's in standard and yea there good.

I find that 9's are really wimpy in multiple ways. So stick to the 10's.

Or if you want a manly gauge use barbed wire.
Do you use a BR-600?
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No not at all, unless you have weak hands or are afraid of a little bit of pain and effort then it will be fine. I play 10's, sometimes 11's and I play in standard. I find you have far better tone and bends are more natural.

If anything, o.10's may not be strong enough. But that depends on the player.
its personal preferance i went to 10 to 52 along time ago and there good for building your finger muscles once you go back down bends vibratos and what not are much easier to do so its good for that. there good for drop tuneing but not so much standard. i personally find 11 to 49 strings do the job for drop tuneings and standard but as i said before its personal preferance.
Thanks for the advise everyone. I put on the 10-52 and I am very happy. Drop tunings no longer buzz and it is still quite playable in standard tuning. I have some very strong fingers (a bowler) so it has not been much of a problem.