Basically I'm rewiring an old guitar, and I fitted it with DiMarzio X2N and Super Distortion humbuckers, the way I'm havin to wire it up is with just a master volume and tone, I'm going with 500k pots for each, but which capacitor should I put on the tone to get the best range with these two pickups?


I agree, Orange drop .047 or even .033 are awesome, and the .047 will give you great mids and bass, without too much icepick treble!! can't go wrong!!
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Most info sites usually recommend .022mfd caps w 500k for humbuckers and .047 with 250k for single coils. It's pretty much the rule I've stuck to..
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you could experiment, me and a mate put the biggest cap we could find, 3000uF, on his bass, that was awesome

eventually we decided on a .1uF though

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the capacitors are backwards, it goes the other way around.

i don't fully agree. all my Humbucker guitars have .022uf in them
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