Im looking for an amp that is really versatile. I play a lot of classic rock like GNR, Mellencamp, Seger, Petty, Clapton, and CCR as well as some metal like Alter Bridge, Pantera, and Metallica. I have narrowed my choices to two amps. Ill list them in the order from 1-2, 1 being my favorite and then talk about what i like and what i dont like about each.

1) Marshall Vintage Modern 100 Watt Stack
-I like the Marshall tone overall. I already have a Marshall combo, but I want something with more power and is louder for gigging. I love the VM's. They have sweet cleans and awesome od's, but I think without the addition of an od and an eq pedal I would be lacking the gain I need for the metal I play.

2) Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Half Stack
-I like nearly everything about this amp. First the distortion channels would fit perfect for the metal I play and the cleans are good for the softer stuff i play. Another thing I love is the gate it has on it. However, everytime I have played it I could not get a softer overdrive than the crazy metal od's it has. Even if I use the low output jack.

Out of these two which do you think would be the best bet for me? and if you think there are other good choices i could try, don't hesitate to tell me about them.
Personally... I love the sound of the Vintage Modern series because you need to use pedals to increase the gain rather than depending on the amps overdrive settings.
D= Thats just me though.
i dunno man, i'd say that the JSX would be best cause it can give you the different stuff you want. for the gain thing though, have you tried just rolling back the gain setting?
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As much as I love the JSX, from a logistical point of view the Marshall with pedals is probably more versatile. You can bring the gain of a lower gain amp up, but you can't lower the gain of a higher-gain amp without messing with the tubes.


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I've found that for Marshalls you pay for more than what you get, which is why I got myself a Peavy. I would assume that if the peavy will get you the sound your looking for without pedals and the marshall wouldn't that the peavy would be more suited to your style.
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When I tried the VM, I wasn't too impressed, it had great cleans, but the OD was meh, I felt it was lacking.

The JSX on the other hand has a great OD, with nice cleans, but remember it is American voiced, as opposed to the VM which is more vintage British.

It all depends on which style you are leaning towards and what tone you most want to achieve.
Quote by SeventhSkull
i dunno man, i'd say that the JSX would be best cause it can give you the different stuff you want. for the gain thing though, have you tried just rolling back the gain setting?

ya i rolled the gain on the crunch channel to 3 and took off the fat switch and i still got a pretty heavy tone

maybe next time i go to guitar center ill try rolling off the guitar's volume and see what happens
The way I look at it is you're going to want something that you can tweak to have your own tone, and you say yourself that the Peavey doesn't really have a good (or any) softer, laid back overdrive. If I were you, for that style of music, I'd go Marshall and buy a good OD or Distortion pedal, that way you can match the pedal with the amp and it'll give you a more signature tone. The Marshall Vintage Modern is a great amp that I've had a lot of time with, I still prefer my Fender Super Sonic Half Stack to it, but it was my second choice. The tube saturation of the Marshall will give your leads more balls in my opinion too.

If you're going to spend the money on the amp, make sure you spend some to buy a good pedal for it. That Marshall does have great clean tones and they'll howl if you use a great pedal.
As far as pedals, here a couple I like for heavy distortion.

ProCo Turbo Rat or rat (they also sell a combo of basically two of turbo rats that you can mix together, it's pretty bad ass) www.proco.com (i think, haha) Soaring, almost Shrieking highs, with sound awesome through a tube amp and it can be set to be super tight and chunky for rhythm.

Ibanez Tube Screamer (the original is the best), It's just a classic OD pedal, it has great sustain and tons of warmth.

Danelectro Daddy-O, it's not an obvious choice by any means, but it's EQ is set up like a metal zone, not as dry as the metal zone though, it's a fun one to play with, could set you apart from other folks too, which is always satisfying.

Fulltone Distortion Pro is really cool, it gives you a lot of control over your tone. I can make a single coil sound like a humbucker... lol. you can control saturation, highs, voicing and resonance on top of the volume and the distortion.

just some ideas, i hope some of this helped you.

keep on rockin'...
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Not a fan of the VMs at all. (sounded crackly and garbagey to me when i played em) so I may be biased. But, the JSX are great amps, and I have been able to get good lo-gain tones out of em (personally I think they could stand to have more... ) maybe you will have to turn it to like 2 with a guitar with single coils !