I have a 5150 head, which has no reverb. Anyone know of a reverb effect that would sound decent with it (preferably in the signal chain since the fx loop is crap). I don't mind shelling out some cash (within reason) to get a good effect but would prefer a pedal as opposed to rack gear.
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Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Plus. Cheap as chips, and the best part...it doens't actually sound like chips! Three types of reverb, all sweet and tenderly juicy. I don't own it (yet) but its going to be part of my rig, after I tried it out in a shop and was so impressed.
I have the 5150II and I wish I had some reverb too. I heard the EH Holy Grail was the best reverb I was thinking about getting that one even though I hate using effects.
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Since there's really no such thing as an analog reverb pedal, you're going to have to go Digital. The Holy Grail and all of its plusses and micros and whatnot are pretty good.
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EH holiest grail, that thing sounds amazing, or a tc electronics nova reverb, i love them things.
I'm interested in this too. Does anybody know if the Plus is worth it (better tone or something)?
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Do the plus, holier, and holiest grails actually sound different than the original holy grail or do they just have more modes?
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id say the normal holy grail for straight up simple reverb. i liked the hall setting on it. but i like my set ups simple so...thats my 2 cents.
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I like the line6 reverb pedal verbzilla
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