OK ug. Ive been using 10 to 48s The string tension is good for standard but goin down to B and C they can turn into spaghetti. I play mostly Metal and Metalcore so like E for metallica, D for old trivium c for mostly everything else and B for machine head. I bought a set of Ernie ball 10-52s and was wondering what tension and pressure theyd be putting on my neck and stuff. What gauge would be the most suitable for what im doin? Would the 52 screw up my neck or anything. I have my squire with 48-10s on it and i use it for standard so i could use it for standard and D and my ltd for C and B. The tone of my LTD is so much better though.

Sorry about the wall of text but im experimenting with strings and need some advice.
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I used 10-52's for quite a while. They are great in D-Standard, slightly heavy in standard (same guage as Dave Muustaine).

They are alright in Drop C, the 52 is a little bit light for C. In Drop B, they are to the point where it is difficult to play cleanly.

For Drop C/B I would reccomend a 54/56 guage string on the bottom and an 11 on top.

I made no neck adjustments and my guitar is perfectly fine. I've noticed string tension is a little bit light on Squire's.