i was talking to a friend today and he mentioned Alesis effects, ive never heard of them...i was checking one called Alesis Pico Verb, it is fairly cheap and i want a reverb effect since my amp doesnt have one...also i dont want a stomp box because its probably gonna be on 98% of the time and i dont want it wasting space in my pedalboard...any views on this, or maybe other suggestions...thank you
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The Alesis effects I am use to are rackmount (I think they call it MidiVerb or something like that)... this looks like a half-rack size unit.... but anyway, they're pretty good effects. But they are not the best.

If you want a fairly simple and nice reverb, this should help you get it; and for the price, it is well worth trying (any reverb pedal would run $100+). And from what I see, it offers most common types of reverbs (hall, spring, etc) with several different presets... so you should be able to find a variety of reverb sounds that you would like for your guitar.

You would want to run this item through your effects loop (on your amp). Don't stick it in front of the amp (guitar goes through this, then into amp's input; don't do this... reverb shouldn't be setup like this).

All in all... for ~$80, it would be worth trying (maybe even go used). I have used Alesis products in the past; all in all, I like the company. Their effects themselves are not industry-great, but I find their products reliable and cost-effective. Reverb, for a guitar, is a pretty simple effect that's not too hard to **** up..., so really, can't go too wrong. And, you should be able to use this item as a reverb effect for any situation (recording, etc; though, for actual very serious recording, you'd probably eventually want better reverb).

Just my thoughts. You might want to look up reviews on the product to see what people think who have actually used this particular design.