So I recently put together a stompbox based around a 12UA7 tube and its not working. So. I built it off of this schematic http://img155.imageshack.us/my.php?image=valvecasterv05qs5.jpg
and when i hit the 9 pic button that would disable the bypass it just mutes, it works as a bypass but turning the pedal on does nothing. What do you think the problem might be, or would a pic be helpful, or any ideas, cuz ive racked my brain over it and i cant find anything. Any ideas?
You got that from DIYSB.... In Danos thread the guy who made that vero layout changed it a lot and updated it. Look threw the thread..

But before you do that make sure you wired it up correctly, also look for mistakes in the "verified" layout.

Does the LED turn on? Do you have voltages, please list....Did you cut a trace under C1?
LED turns on, thats how i can tell when the circuit is enabled but when i i turn it on (IE led on) it just mutes the guitar. Im pretty sure that one i linked was the most updated one on the site. and yes i "cut" under C1. IDK what it could be.
sry for my newbish question but what do you meen by voltages? but ya i double checked my wiring on the socket pretty sure its correct.
The voltages on the pins of the tube...

Set your DMM to somewhere above 9 VDC. Black probe on ground, red to pins... I would also be checking for continuity to make sure you have good joints.
*random hijack* what does this box do? and the tube socket alines with the pins on the right.... right?
Well, I didn't see a place for the tube socket "the place you plug the tube in" but I see the pins on the right side of the schematic go up to 8, and are not in any particular order, so i assume that's where you solder the wires that go to the tube socket.
Lol, i know it wasn't random... but I ment they weren't in descending order or ascending so It kinda gave it away. Thus I came up with the idea and wanted to check. cuz, i'm thinking of throwing one together.